Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new revolutionary technique for medical research and is reshaping tomorrow’s clinical practice in medical imaging. Pittsburgh hosts a strong foundation of expertise and resources that give it an immense amount of opportunity to lead research and innovations in medical imaging AI.The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is one of the largest non-profit integrated delivery systems with an immense amount of accessible medical data, while the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) are home to national leaders in artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, and bioinformatics. Additionally, private technology companies, like Google and Uber, along with a healthy start up community (e.g. Petuum, Aurora, Duolingo) has allowed the Pittsburgh region to keep and attract valuable technology talent.

The Center's concept is a formalization of a group of researchers, clinicians and business leaders that share interests in AI innovation, research, education, entrepreneuring, and collaborations. Today AI research and innovation in medical imaging in Pittsburgh face an unprecedented opportunity to unify efforts and make an impact. AI leaders, researchers, and users at Pitt, UPMC, and CMU expect to align goals, share data and expertise, facilitate resources, and synergize collaboration, aiming to elevate academic innovation, clinical translation, and the dissemination and commercialization of imaging AI. Therefore, we are building a medical imaging artificial intelligence center for innovative AI in clinical translational medical imaging by combining computational expertise and clinical resources across Pitt, UPMC, and CMU.