Ahmad P Tafti, PhD, FAMIA

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Health Information Management

I am an Assistant Professor of Health Informatics in the Department of Health Information Management within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, where I am leading our efforts at the Pitt HexAI Research Laboratory. I am honored to serve our community as the Vice Chair of IEEE Computer Society at Pittsburgh. I have a deep passion for AI-Powered healthcare informatics and health data science with better patient diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment using large-scale multiple clinical data sources and advanced computational algorithms.

I earned my PhD in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and since then, I have been on a quest to explore and solve problems that are worth it and make the most positive impact on people’s lives. I am indeed passionate about diverse biomedical data sources along with artificial intelligence methods and their applications in healthcare.

I am the 2021 SiiM Imaging Informatics Innovator awardee, Mayo Clinic Transform the Practice awardee, an NVIDIA GPU awardee, and GE Healthcare Honorable Mention awardee. To date, I have authored 45+ peer-reviewed publications, organizing numerous workshops on intelligent health systems and I have served on the program committee of 15+ conferences, symposiums, and journals in AI and health data science.

Representative Publications

[1] Yan S, Ramazanian T, Sagheb E, Fu S, Sohn S, Lewallen DG, Liu H, Kremers WK, Chaudhary V, Taunton M, Kremers HM. DeepTKAClassifier: Brand Classification of Total Knee Arthroplasty Implants Using Explainable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. InInternational Symposium on Visual Computing 2020 Oct 5 (pp. 154-165). Springer, Cham.

[2] Cai C, Tafti AP, Ngufor C, Zhang P, Xiao P, Dai M, Liu H, Noseworthy P, Chen M, Friedman PA, Cha YM. Using ensemble of ensemble machine learning methods to predict outcomes of cardiac resynchronization. Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology. 2021 Sep;32(9):2504-14.

[3] Tafti AP, Fu S, Khurana A, Mastorakos GM, Poole KG, Traub SJ, Yiannias JA, Liu H. Artificial intelligence to organize patient portal messages: a journey from an ensemble deep learning text classification to rule-based named entity recognition. In2019 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) 2019 Nov 18 (pp. 1380-1387). IEEE.

[4] Yan S, Ramazanian T, Sagheb E, Kremers WK, Chaudhary V, Taunton M, Kremers HM, Tafti AP. Give me a knee radiograph, I will tell you where the knee joint area is: a deep convolutional neural network adventure. arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.05382. 2022 Feb 11.

Research Interests

  • Explainable, Interpretable, and Accountable AI
  • Health Informatics
  • Deep Learning Medical Image Analysis
  • Digital Health Sciences
  • AI-Powered Models in Total Joint Arthroplasty Research