Mike Modo, PhD

  • Professor, Department of Radiology and Bioengineering

Dr Mike Modo graduated in psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London and spent 1 year as an exchange student at McGill University. He furthered his interests in the brain during an MSc in Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry (IoP), King’s College London, where he also completed a PhD in Neuroscience. Prior to his faculty appointment at the IoP, he completed his post-doctoral training in neuroimaging at the IoP. Dr Modo’s main research interest is to develop novel imaging methods that afford the analysis of neurodegeneration and regeneration in animal models using MR imaging. A more recent research interest focusses on mesoscale connectivity in human brain tissue using ex vivo MRI. To further advance our capabilities to analyze complex images, a growing interest is on the use of computational methods to integrate large data sets, as well as to determine signal changes that are not readily visualized using traditional region-of-interest analysis (e.g. deformation-based morphometry).

Representative Publications

  1. Ghuman, H., Hitchens, K., Modo, M. A systematic optimization of 19F MR image acquisition to detect macrophage invasion into an ECM hydrogel implanted in the stroke-damaged brain. Neuroimage. 2019; 202. PMID: 31408717.
  2. Modo, M., Crum, W.R., Gerwig, M., Vernon, A.C., Patel, P., Jackson, M.J., Rose, S., Jenner, P., Iravani, M.M. Magnetic resonance imaging and tensor-based morphometry in the MPTP non-human primate model of Parkinson’s disease. PLOS1. 2017; 12(7): e0180733. PMID: 28738061.
  3. Rattray, I., Smith, E., Crum, W., Walker, T., Bates, G., Modo, M. Correlations of behavioral deficits with brain pathology assessed through longitudinal MRI and histopathology in the HdhQ150/Q150 mouse model of Huntington’s disease. PLOS1. 2017; 18(2): e0168556. PMID: 28088507.
  4. Stille, M., Smith, E., Crum, W.R., Modo, M. 3D reconstruction of 2D fluorescence histology images and registration with in vivo MR images: Application in a rodent model of stroke. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 2013: 219 (1); 27-40. PMID: 23816399.
  5. Crum, W.R., Giampietro, V.P., Smith, E.J., Gorenkova, N., Stroemer, R.P., Modo, M. A comparison of automated anatomical- behavioural mapping methods in a rodent model of stroke. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2013: 218 (2); 170-183. PMID: 23727124.

Research Interests

  • Stroke
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • MRI
  • Deformation-based morphometry
  • Multi-modal image registration

Research Grants

Funding track-records: (only recent major funding listed)

R01NS082226-01A1. NINDS. 2014-2018. Non-invasive imaging of in situ restoration of brain tissue. Modo (PI)

R21NS088167-01A1. NINDS. 2015-2018. Mesoscopic diffusion-based MRI histology of epileptic human hippocampi. Modo (PI)

1R01EB016629. NIBIB. 2013-2018. Neurovascular regeneration. Modo (Co-I)